Hiking Socks

Carp Lake 1

Knitting and self sufficiency go together like hiking and socks. So why not lump all of these things into one back county camping post? Over labor day weekend, I had the good fortune to hike all over the muddy expanse of the Copper Country’s Porcupine Mountains. Needless today, there is a certain fuzzy feeling that comes with knitting in the middle of nowhere. Above is a photo of Cloud Lake, once known as Carp Lake – the former home of the Carp Lake Copper Mine.

thimble berry 1

knitting 1

Here is the hiking sock, a easy and durable worsted sock knit up in Plymouth Encore’s Worsted Colorspun Yarn in Copper drift. The yarn varies from a bright yellow, to  a coppery orange to a muted brown, all which are tied together with a constant blue. Like Lake Superior, Carp Lake and all of the waterways in between weaving their way through the Copper Country Landscape.

lone rock 1

 The hiking sock pattern will be posted to the blog after I finish my pair of socks.






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