Book review – Adventures in Yarn Farming

I have recently finished reading, “Adventures in Yarn Farming, four seasons on a New England fiber farm” by, Barbara Parry. And though I tend

Foxfire Fiber

Foxfire Fiber

to be a bit of a literary curmudgeon, I loved every minute I spent inside the pages of this book. Parry is the shepherd, fiber artist and designer of Foxfire Fiber at Springdelle Farm. She sells her yarns on her website (link here).

In her book, she outlines the operations of her fiber farm as they change throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter all without letting the reader forget that the seasonal processes are completely cyclical linked.

Personal stories of lambing, llamas, angora goat keeping, sheering, wool processing are told with a great writing style and sense of humor – all which are accompanied by wonderful photography. She also includes several knitting patters, dying instructions, and other detailed outlines for fiber projects.

As tickled as I was with the read, I couldn’t help to be a little envious. Where are my devious goats? Where are my weary sheep? Where are my pragmatic, though completely ridiculous looking llama guards? While one day, I hope to have all of these things, I am very grateful to Parry for sharing her story with all of us in the mean time.


I look forward to trying out some of her yarn (and reviewing it here) in the near future to get a more complete experience of her sheep.