Artist in focus: Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall creates hand knit animal pelts to raise awareness of animals endangered by the illegal skin trade. At the same time, she indirectly brings us to question our relationships with animals of all kinds, as can especially seen in her piece, “Rocky,” which has been modeled after her own house cat.

Marshall offers workshops, creates exhibits, writes books and engages in conservation efforts that seamlessly integrate knitting, animal rights and politics. In her workshops, she actually teaches a method of intarsia she developed herself  to use for these pelt pieces.

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“Leadbeater’s Possum #1” by Ruth Marshall

RM.T.Tiger#2 copy

“Tasmanian Tiger #2,” by Ruth Marshall

"Ocelot Series," by Ruth Marshall, 2010-2011

“Ocelot Series,” by Ruth Marshall, 2010-2011

"Rocky," Ruth Marshall, 2005

“Rocky,” Ruth Marshall, 2005


“Cable Knit”


Contemporary artwork by artist Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, clicking the photo will take you to the artist’s project page.

In this piece, Egenhoefer combines a modern norm: Ethernet cables, with a traditional norm: knitting. Both forms interchangeably represent the exchange of information through time and space and the holding together of society through networks and the creation community.

On a more shallow level, this would be an awesome way to organize the rats-nest I call my jumble of¬†electronics’ cords.

Contemporary Artists – Las Hermanas Iglesias

Las Hermanas Iglesias, The Iglesias Sisters.

Two sister artists, Lisa and Janelle Iglesias each recreate their own bodies in a witty fiber-arts project. Working with knitted body suits made by their mother, the Iglesias Sisters embroidered their finer details – body hair, birthmarks, tattoos, etc. By recreating their bodies in this art piece, these women highlight the infinite number of customizable options that knitting allows while raising questions about self identity and what it means to cover our bodies.

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